Paul McCaffrey has worked as a freelance illustrator since he graduated, working mainly in children’s educational publishing. His clients have included, amongst others, NME, Vox, Punch, Deadline, Empire, CUP, OUP and Attack! Books.

Since making his small press debut in Omnivistascope, Paul has drawn Craphound for IDW, followed by Zombies vs Robots: Adventure and Fugitoid. He has also drawn a fill-in issue of MARVEL’s Vote Loki and a back-up strip in DC Comics’ Men of War. More recently he has drawn Fawkes of the Air Ministry as written by Martin Cater for Aces Weekly and they have subsequently produced Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 strips for Network.

He has produced a number of covers for Titan Comics as well as drawing Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days in Mayhem.

Following his collaboration with the award-winning Lavie Tidhar on controversial children’s book Going to the Moon, the pair began work on Adler, which was finally published at the start of 2020’s pandemic.

He lives in the UK with his wife and cat and far too many books than is good for him.

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