Yel is a British illustrator, dreamer and colourist with fond Eastern European Roots.

Nicknamed the ‘Rainbow Wrangler’, their collaborative efforts span a decade in the comics industry. During this time they have worked for independent publishers Markosia on The Interactives and Hero: 5-9, and with Subversive Comics on Super Robot Mayhem. Yel has also worked on various books for major publishing companies including the Revolutionary War: Warheads for MARVEL, Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight for Dark Horse Comics, FRONTLINES: Requiem for Jet City Comics / Amazon and cover work for Archie Comics.

Their designs and graphics can be seen in online and mobile games like Catamancer, an entirely cat-themed magic strategy card adventure from Frostbolt Games.

Yel’s hobbies delve further into the creative skills of costume & prop crafting, sculpture, and resin casting. They can be seen showcasing these skills at various conventions around the country in cosplay at competition level.

They are hopelessly obsessed with archery, studying Olympic Recurve style and battling in local London tournaments.

Yel is owned by four cats



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